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“Each of us is a leader. We are at our most powerful when we
come from a place of deeply knowing that we are enough - just
as we are right now.”  - Lora Cecca Lyons

Lyons Leadership Coaching is committed to having you recognize and
reclaim your innate power and wisdom and that together we create a
world that is grounded in Sufficiency - a world where the
expansiveness of possibility, collaboration and unity exists and each
of us experiences that we are enough, have enough and do enough.

As a result of partnering with Lyons Leadership Coaching, you will:
  • Tap into your inner wisdom/inner knowing and honor your true
  • Find your natural rhythm and ease into the flow of life (move
    from resistance to acceptance, openness and possibility)
  • Be and feel connected to yourself and to others (community)
  • Have a great capacity to love and be loved
  • Explore the concept of Sufficiency and what it is to be and live
    inside of “enough”
  • Enjoy a life that is playful, easeful, graceful, blissful and
    incredibly satisfying and full
  • Have the ability to truly experience prosperity and satisfaction

Based near Charlotte, North Carolina, we work with clients privately
and in groups all over the world and collaborate with professionals
and organizations who share our commitment and vision of creating a
world that works for everyone.
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